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I had to laugh the other day when I heard a report saying West Brom manger Tony Pulis has ‘committed his future’ to the club.

Maybe, like me, you’d have expected him to have signed a three year – or two year, at least – contract extension?

Admittedly, that seems like veritable lifetime when it comes to football in this day and age… but Tony actually only signed on for another piddling 12 months!

Wow… now that really is committing your future… not!

That example really does say it all about the short-termism prevalent in every walk of life these days.

For heaven’s sake, life expectancy has gone up in the last century, not down! Yet everyone wants everything yesterday like they won’t make it to tomorrow.

Results take time to nurture.

Similarly, in betting, many want to see profits immediately.

It is complete and utter madness to expect this in a gambling arena with so many variables at work.

All we can do is reduce risk and have our seed money in place – in other words, our working capital.

And the word ‘working’ is important here as it exists to be worked… smoothing out losing periods, not to be set aside and made redundant.
This brings me nicely to reviews and trials of various services.

For me, if they don’t start off well it doesn’t worry me in the slightest.

I’ve seen services turn losses into profits in a matter of minutes… or should I say, the time it takes for a race to be run.

So how did our two services on trial get on last week?

Week 3 of our twin trial of Low Hanging Profits and Fantastic Eightsand one of them had a 20/1 winner!

But did they end the week on a massive high after such a big odds win…?

Find out by clicking here.