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For me when it comes to betting/trading and more importantly making money, it matters little by days end what sports the profits come from.

Whether it’s Badmington, tiddlywinks, or whatever if I can find an angle and make a profit I will play that market whether or not I like the sport, as for me its just a numbers game.

Yes my Favourite sports to bet are Horse Racing, Football and next would be Tennis and they are the ones I specialise in more than others. However If someone was to show me a way of making money from darts then I would take their advice and bet the selections to profit. After all the profit is the same from Horse Racing or Football as from any obscure sports or novelty markets.

Therefore I do get perplexed by those who say, I don’t like football, horse racing, or this that and the other especially if they are shown how to make profits from them? The question is; does it matter whether you like them or not if they make profits?

Unless of course you are betting for fun and like to bet on the sports that interests you most. In which case that’s a different ball game. However if it’s profit you’re after then don’t pigeon hole yourself into only betting on sports you like as you could be missing out on some extra revenue streams.

Talking of profits lets move on to see how our two reviews are going…

Week 7 Review Updates…

Flat Racing Master:

Yet another bad week for the service with a £75 loss after week 7. It really does need a good turnaround now in the last 3 weeks. Perfectly possible as surely a good run is due and we just have to see how good that run is.

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Pro Footy Tips:

It must be catching as Pro Footy tips also had a poor week with a £78 loss with just 1 win from 9 selections. The value bets certainly aren’t performing as expected and another that’s due an upturn very soon if its to come back to its average strike rate. See where they stand here

Testing Pod Update…

The new Horse Racing Lays of the Day have hit early profit using are SAW (Stop At A Winner) staking so let’s hope this one bears fruit.

As usual the Draw system is doing well with a couple of losing days but still holding its own and as I write around 23 points up.

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