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I’ve been looking at ways in which to profit from multiple betting, both from my own findings and from readers’ feedback gathered over time.

It is clear that multiples (Backing more than one selection in Doubles, Trebles and upwards) are very popular with many of you.

Some readers have sent in their own ideas on how they approach multiple betting and suggested markets they use to help them profit.

The common theme with those using this form of betting successfully is to use multiples in no higher than Doubles and using short-priced selections e.g. picking two selections and with prices no higher than 1.70.

The way to go next seems to be choosing markets with only two possible result outcomes, in order to cut down the chance of our chosen outcome not happening.

For example:

Over/Unders – only two possible result outcomes

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – only two possible result outcomes

Odds/Even Scoreline – only two possible result outcomes

Snooker Match markets

Tennis Match markets

Looking closer at the Over/Unders market, we would hope to pick two matches where the Under/Over price is around the 1.70 mark, combining them in a Double to give a winning price of 2.89 (just over 15/8 in fractions).

In other words you will be combining two strongly favoured outcomes.

Many punters would then monitor the matches and hedge their position late on if they are in a winning position rather than risk a late upset.

So if they Layed Over 2.5 goals and it was 1-1 around the 85th minute mark, they would Lay off the full amount of their Double stake just in case of a late goal.

I will touch on this a little more next week with a few examples as its clearly a viable area to explore, judging by some readers’ angles.

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Latest trial updates

A good first week for one of the three new services on trial… but not so good for the other two.

Even in the first week, the portfolio approach of using all three together would have given a slight profit.

Banker Bets£16
Carl Nicholson£10
The Each-Way King +£42.90

Overall portfolio profit = +16.90

As mentioned in last week’s eletter, it will be interesting to see what happens when two or even when three make a profit in same week. Likewise, I’m keen to observe the drawdown when all three make a loss.

What’s clear is this approach could spread the risk, smoothing the profit and loss graph over time – and that can only help with confidence.

Anyway, you can see what happened in the 2nd week of the trials below.

Banker Bets: Winning runs of 10-15 are commonplace with a few runs of 20 winners and with 11% growth rate per month, it is claimed.

Service introduction here and 2nd week’s results can be found results here.

Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary: +£1354.30p profit to date based on £10 level stakes since the inception of the service towards the end of August 2015.

Service introduction here and 2nd week’s results can be found results here.

Each-Way Kings: The service has claimed average profits of £278.96 per month since inception on 13th June 2015.

Service introduction here and 2nd week’s results can be found results here.