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Sometime ago in my blog I mentioned how we can profit from football matches that are NOT all what they seem – nudge nudge wink wink you know what I mean?

This is made possible by looking out for a few easily identifiable indicators from Betfair’s transparent market.

Now fast forward a year from this article, and low and behold look what’s appeared in the news again, and I might add it involves the same team – coincidence? I will let you decide that one?

However it takes two to tango and the other team’s goal keeper has already admitted he has been approached by match fixers in the past, although that’s not to say it has anything to do with this investigation.

You can see the article here:

The goods news is I’ve spotted a few ways of easily identifying what to look out for in these allegedly ‘iffy’ matches and how to profit from them once found. 

I call it my ‘Out Of Sync’ strategy and sorry for the shameless plug but it’s another in my Quick Fore Betting Profits course. I even show which leagues  commonly have these ‘Out Of Sync’ patterns.

Click here to find out all the details.

You have to be one step ahead in this game and at times it may mean bringing into play the old saying of “if you can’t beat them join them” if not some traders will have the shirt off your back – and fast!

Testing Pod Updates….

The Racing Informer:

The Racing Informer has not been so well informed of late. You’ll see this if you nip over and have a gander at last week’s results. He is now only sending me the 4pt advices and a loss of 4 pts can quickly be turned around when a winner arrives as it is usually 2 or 3 multiples of that 4pts. 

So things can change very quickly with a 3/1 winner bringing in 12 points alone. So do keep an eye on it here.

Against The Double (Lay Strategy):

Well it’s the end of another month and myself and Les have decided to run this for another month while we have a look at appropriate staking plans that could be used for this.

Last week brought about another profit and at the end of month 3 the profit stands at +15.72 and all gathered with just 2 back to back losing days in all that time.

Here are the scores on the Patio Doors;

Month 1 Profit = +4.21
Month 2 Profit = +4.35
Month 3 Profit = +7.16

Overall P/L = +15.72

So we have averaged +5.24pts a month and if you look at my compounding table shown in Testing Pod Area (1) of the Football test you will see this method could well have BIG potential!  Why? Well, here are the advantages;

1). It uses exchanges at the favourite end of the market so no shortage of liquidity.

2). You can’t suffer from restrictions as the exchanges do not restrict as they only make money when you win.

3). Fairly low risk with a longest losing run of just 2 days.

4). Compounding around 4 or 5 points profit per month can turn into huge sums over time especially if we can build some sort of slight recovery process into the equation to increase these profits.

On that note, myself and Les Robson will look at some sensible recovery staking plans (and I stress sensible) so we can flip some of the losses from losing days into plus column.

If you want myself to progress this further, then do nip over to the test here and click Yes! In the comments section.

That’s all for now and see you next week!