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PLUS: Second week’s selections from the Football Advisor Service – solid growth!
A few months back I watched my cousin’s under-12s soccer team walloped 5-0 by the team at the top of their league.
It was a shame because my cousin’s team were on a great run of three consecutive wins that brought them up to mid-table after a bad start to the season.
As you can imagine, they were distraught after this heavy defeat, where even the post-match bar of chocolate and fizzy pop failed to raise their spirits.

I said to my cousin: ‘I bet next week they will win or at least not lose, no matter who they play!’

‘How can you be so sure?’ he asked. ‘Trust me,’ I replied.  

He laughed and said ‘We are playing the second-placed team next week, who haven’t lost a game in seven!’

‘Never mind,’ I said: ‘My money is safe with my prediction.’

Here’s why I was prepared to put my neck on the line and forecast his team would either win or draw their next match, despite meeting a team on a seven-match winning run.

1. All sequences must come to end, win or lose. My cousin’s next opponents are on a seven-match unbeaten that cant go on forever, so when better for this winning run to come to an end than playing a team coming off the back off a 5-0 thrashing and thus have something to prove?

2. If my cousin instills siege mentality, which I know he will after their heavy defeat, they will surely have a rearguard action for their next match. Even under-12s have professional pride.

Now I wasn’t sure whether this would work with under-12 teams, but sure as night follows day, they were up for the fight. The following Saturday in the driving rain they put on a very determined display that saw them win 3-0!

As you know, I’m a great advocate of taking into account the psychological aspect of gambling. Obviously this can only work in sports with any human involvement such as football, snooker and golf. It’s amazing the profits that can be made if you apply a little bit of psychological analysis to your selection process.

That’s why I really do love reading any books on sports psychology or books from a player’s perspective.

These give you a great insight into the mindset of players when under pressure and, more importantly, how they respond when they or their team get hammered.

I touched on this a few weeks back with my giant-killing theory.

Well, this week’s eletter focuses on teams that get thrashed.

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Football Advisor – Week 2 Profit/Loss…

A really chunky profit this week, helped along by a nice 14/1+ treble landed!

Tuesday 1 December

1.5 Pt bets:

Stoke win at 1.83 – WON +1.24

Wednesday 2 December

3 Pt bets
Liverpool -1.5 at 5.75 – WON +14.25

1 Pt bets
Valencia win at 1.80 – WON +0.80
Liverpool win at 2.80 – WON +1.80

0.5 Pt bets
Liverpool match decided by extra-time – LOST -0.5
Liverpool match decided by penalties – LOST -0.5

Thursday 3 December

No selections.

Friday 4 December

1.5 Pt bets
Schalke win at 1.6 – WON +0.90

1 Pt bets
PSG -1 at 1.9 – WON +0.90
Juventus win at 2.25 – WON +1.25

1.5 Pts
Schalke (1.57), PSG (1.50), Benfica -1 (1.2) at 2.83 – WON +2.74

Saturday 5 December

3 Pt bets
Chelsea -1.5 at 2.05 – LOST -3.00

2 Pt bets
Roma win at 2.85 – LOST -2.00

1.5 Pt bets
Man City win at 1.65 – LOST -1.5
Swansea win at 2.90 – LOST -1.5

1 Pt bets
West Ham +1 at 2.05 – WON +1.05
Aston Villa +1 at 2.08 – WON +1.08
Norwich win at 3.65 – LOST -1.00
Chelsea -2.5 at 3.55 – LOST -1.00
Charlton +1 at 2.2 – LOST -1.00
Wolfsburg win at 4.2 – LOST -1.00
Monchengladbach +1.5 at 1.98 – WON +0.98
Sevilla win at 2.4 – LOST -1.00
0.5 Pt bets
West Ham win at 8.00 – LOST-0.50
Aston Villa win at 7.5 – LOST 0.50
Swansea -1.5 at 5.5 – LOST 0.50
Charlton win at 9.0 – LOST -0.50
Monchengladbach win at 10 – WON +4.50

Sunday 6 December

1.5 Pt bets
AC Milan win at 1.82 – LOST -1.50

1 Pt bets
Verona win at 3.0 – LOST -1.00

1 pt Verona (3.00), AC Milan (1.80) at 5.40 – LOST -1.00

Monday 7 December

1.5 Pt bets
Crystal Palace +0.5 at 1.87 – WON +1.30

Weekly P/L Summary:

Bets: 31
Wins: 12
Strike rate: 38.70%

Weekly P/L = +13.29
Overall Trial P/L = +14.94

Until next time!