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I’m often amazed about how some people find solutions to life’s everyday problems, especially those requiring a bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking.

One anecdote I still marvel at is the story of the guy who wanted to solve the problem of his much-loved pet cat presenting him with a dead bird tribute every day.

And so, this chap set about devising an approach to save the lives of the birds his dear tabby was so devoted to ending.

His Eureka moment eventually arrived when he developed a prototype collar with bells on. And so, any bird in the vicinity of his feline friend in predator mode was given an early warning signal.

Even when the cat calmed down, the bells would still be rocking. This method worked a treat.

Apparently the problem is more common than many think, so this bloke had a ready-made customer base once word got out.

Taking of problem-solving, I had an email from a Betting Doctor reader called Steve who complained he always seem to miss out on the upswing of any service he joins because he panics and bows out too quickly when hitting a series of losers.

I recommended he works out a stake he’s happy with and then actually half it and bet with that for at least a month before considering moving up to the original stake. He agreed and tried it.

Steve got back to me…

‘Andrew – Thanks for your advice regarding Betting Banks. I did indeed start with £10 instead of the original £20 I had planned, and glad I did as I hit a tricky period. However I kept on going as my tolerance threshold had been increased by actually lowering my unit stake if you take my point? So I kept going and now well in profit and have today moved up to £20 level stakes and using Bookies money! – Great advice and yet so simple – cheers, Steve.’

The service he’s referring to is The Each-Way King from Betting Gods. And he made a good choice as it is a firework of a service when they hit a purple patch and easily followed, with bets sent the night before. You can try it here for £1.

Trials update…

One service has now gone into the read… the other had a better week but is still in negative territory.

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