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  • More pearls of wisdom in your loft, Part 2!

Is it me, or does Joanna Lumley never seem to age? If she does it seems at very slow pace: it’s like she is on life’s pause button. 

As I write she is appearing in what’s clearly a recently recorded TV documentary and unless my flat screen needs a good clean, she looks very little different from her Absolutely Fabulous days! 
I guess she must have one of those faces! You know: where they look old when they are young and then never seem to age from thereon. Anyway, good luck to here I say, and its not just actresses that can revitalise themselves repeatedly. 

I bet there are several old betting systems long confined to the loft or bottom draw that can now be revitalised, much like Joanna. 

Last week I touched on an old horse racing method that may now have more potential when used with the better prices on offer via Betfair. 

Well this week I bring you a football method that when used with the prices offered by traditional bookies, made a slight profit – so may gain a greater edge with Betfair. 

It’s a Half Time/Full Time strategy I operated in the olden days, with the help of the William Hill Weekend Fixed Odds coupon.

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