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Dear Friend,

Imagine if you could spot money lying around on the ground.

£10 here… £20 there…. £50 over there…

You’d soon pick it up and pocket it, wouldn’t you?

And if you were really smart, you’d find a way to leverage that money into even MORE money.

Well, this’s very similar to the technique that I’m about to show you.

It uses a hidden signal in the prices of horse races to show you something that no other betting punters can see.

It all began in 2015, when I spotted something unusual between the prices on Betfair and traditional bookmakers around five minutes before the race-off time.

It was a kind of signal.

Once I saw it, I could spot it over and over again, like one of those magic eye paintings where an image emerges from the chaos the more you stare at it!

It showed me exactly when the big bookmakers were hedging on a particular ‘danger’ horse…

By that I mean, ‘betting against it’ to drive down the price and cover their backsides if it won, so they wouldn’t lose anything by paying out.

So I monitored that signal for 9 months…

Then I started placing my own money, every time I saw it, by BACKING the horse that the bookies were trying to hedge on.

And the results were very exciting.

In just 45 days my total profit from level £100  stakes was £2,199.17.

That was a cool +43.98pts!

At £100 level stakes this would have meant a profit of £4,398.34.

That’s a crazily good result for something that took a few seconds every day, from ONE signal…

…with no fluky big-priced wins to skew the figures.

Just a consistent stream of winners priced between 4/1 and 16/1!

That was when I realised that I could effectively spot profits lying around that no other punters were seeing.

And best of all, by using a betting exchange instead of a bookie, NOBODY could close or restrict my account.

I was unstoppable!

I called it the Price Equalisation Method, and I began sharing it with a small group of privately invited clients, who read a webpage just like this one, and took the plunge.

Since then, they’ve been running it quietly on the side, using it to generate regular profits in the vital few seconds before a race starts.

People like Ashok, from Gibraltar, who says:

“Been using PEM for some time now and the method can be summed up in 1 word – profitable! I can see what you mean now when you say it’s a way of identifying hidden gambles that would otherwise not appear on the radar.”

However, I’ve kept this to a small circle of existing members and I’ve not invited anyone new to join it since 2019.

That is, until today.

For a limited time only, I’ve decided to allow a small intake of new clients to try out my Price Equalisation Method.

And I’m hoping you’ll be one of them.

This is something you could do two or three times every week in just a matter of minutes.

And as you’re about to see from the recorded results, it has the potential to turn £1,000 into £69,756 in 3 years.

What’s more, you’re going to be able to try it out, without committing any money until you see hard proof that it works.

All it takes is 2 seconds to place your bet, whenever you spot the signal, and you can get on with your busy day.

  • There’s no technical know-how required – you don’t need to know anything about the race, or study form.
  • There are no charts to cook your brain – you don’t need to spot patterns or analyse loads of boring stats.
  • There is no jargon which looks like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Once you know how to spot the signal, this is so easy, you’ll be able do it every time a race starts. As one user says….

“The more races I observe the sharper my eye becomes to spotting them and its now becoming second nature. Great stuff, great angle and I can see the background logic.”
F – Swansea

Based on all the recorded results in the past 3 years, you could have used this method to grow a £1K starting bank into £69,756 and in a moment I’ll show you the proof too!

First, let me introduce myself…

The man the bookies hate

My name is Andrew David. For over 20-years I’ve made far more money from the UK betting industry than most people do in their dull 9-5 jobs…

I do it by turning the bookies’ sneaky pricing tricks against them… plundering their websites to find low risk bets… trading those bets against each other on exchanges where the bookmaker doesn’t call the shots.

You might have heard of some of my successful systems, like Little Acorns, (which won five Betting Oscars), the Legacy & Saver or Football Bankbuilder.

I’ve built a reputation from helping people earn an income using the same low-risk strategies that make me money.

And one of my favourite, most long-established techniques for getting one over on the bookies is the Price Equalisation Method.

How I discovered what the bookies
were really up to

As a professional bettor, I’m an avid observer of the Betfair markets – in particular what punters are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing it.

When I see a flood of money suddenly appearing in any Betfair market, waiting to be ‘backed’ or ‘laid’, I always investigate the underlying reasons.

Especially when those large amounts appear time-and-time-again within a certain time frame in the same market.

In other words, if there’s a repeating pattern, I’ll go to any lengths to figure out the cause.

Whenever I spot this unusual activity, I can be sure of one thing – a large group of punters is following a profitable angle.

But it’s not always the punters who are making these market moves, particularly on the betting exchanges.

You might not realise it, but the big bookmakers also play a major role in relation to price movements on those exchanges.

Take a trip to any racecourse and behind the bookies’ stands you’ll see open laptops logged on to Betfair, ready for them to hedge.

And this is the key to my strategy.

The Price Equalisation Method works by spotting a hidden signal in the live betting show of horse races. One that shows the bookies’ intention to hedge against a particular runner.

And when you back that horse, you give yourself a proven statistical advantage.

It’s the closest way to find out what horses have a ‘live’ chance of winning….

Without being able to ask the trainer himself!

After I began sharing this secret with a private group of subscribers back in 2015, it became one of my most acclaimed betting systems.

It’s a thoroughly battle-tested method that has been proven to work, time and time again.

But I barely ever advertise it or ask new people to join.

Instead, it just runs quietly in the background for my clients, earning a small, consistent, steadily growing income for its users, and myself.

Of course, this method does not eliminate ALL the risk from betting.

This is not about winning every bet.

It’s about neutralising your risk and giving yourself a huge statistical advantage.

And by staking your money using the method that I will show you, you’ll be able to reinvest each small gain into the next bet, growing your money slowly and surely.

To show you exactly how much it can make, take a look at this…

How You Could Have Compounded £1000 into £69,756 in 3 Years

This shows how it’s possible to take a starting bank of £1000 and steadily build on it, month after month, using a method known as compounding.

Obviously, you may want to release some winnings from your total bank so that your daily stake remains in a comfortable range for you and your level of risk. 

As you can clearly see, there ARE losses from time to time…

I have a hard-earned reputation for honesty and I NEVER cherry-pick figures or hide my true results.

And let me be absolutely clear…

This is not pension fund investing and you should NEVER bet more than you are prepared to lose.

But the truth is, making a consistent income from gambling is as much about managing losses as it is about picking winners.

What I’m offering today isn’t just about profits, it’s also about getting it right in an area where so many get it wrong.

It’s about breaking free from the pack and gambling ‘smart’ with the money available to you to give yourself the best chance of success.

And as you will see, if you stick to the system, your losses won’t make a difference in the long run – as these members discovered.,

“Who cares about 9 losers on the trot when you get two 12/1 winners in one day?”

“Averaging 10 – 12 points a month so I don’t mind a few losers when there are always a couple of nice priced winners around the corner such as today with a 9/1 & 13/2.”
P Jordan.

“Who cares about 9 losers on the trot when you get two 12/1 winners in one day. 24 points up this month Andrew and made £1,160 so far on risk free place method!”
Liam Hoskins

“Thanks for a great methodology the likes of which I’ve never seen before but makes perfect sense. July & September were awesome and glad I stuck with it as over one period I had 4 no signal days then 9 losing bets, then it burst into action with 9 winners from 21 bets at; 16/1, 8/1, 13/2 x 3, 6/1 x 2, 9/2, 4/1 these are great figures.”
Jason D

This is why I have no problem sharing all my results with you ,warts ‘n’ all.

I’m not looking for big win thrill seekers who want to get rich quick – that stuff is for dreamers and reckless gamblers.

Yes, of course there’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a horse you’ve backed race to a win right before your eyes – and this WILL happen when you follow the Price Equalisation Method.

But what I want to show you is a realistic way to steadily grow your money.

By compounding your gains each time you win, it’s possible to grow £1000 into as much as £69,756 in 3 Years.

That’s the equivalent of earning £1,937 per month – tax-free!

Just imagine what you could do with that kind of money!

You could invest it, put it towards a mortgage, or cover your living costs and expenses.

All from something that’s quick and easy to do in your spare time, once you know how to spot the hidden signal.

And you can do it month after month without any fear that the bookies will shut you down.

You NEVER bet through a bookmaker

So you can make as much money as you need without restriction!

Sometimes the bookie restricts your stakes if you’ve had too many wins.  It’s called a ‘gubbed’ account.  As a seasoned bettor, this sort of thing happens to me all the time.

But by using the Betfair exchange to place your bets you needn’t worry about getting banned or restricted. Which means your income stream will never be affected.

To give you an idea of how much money there is to be made, potentially, here are some more people who have been using the Price Equalisation Method with great success.

“A nice profit of £1,150!”

“I have observed a total of 50 races up to today and spotted signals in 30 of those races that gave me 7 winners at; 9/1 x 2; 15/2, 7/1, 11/2, 4/1 x 2. To sum up, a total of £1,500 in stakes that’s at  £50 level stakes x 30 races. My total returns including stakes = £2,650 giving me a nice profit of £1,150.”

“My first week brought 2 x 12/1 winners!!! Looking for the signal is becoming very addictive!”

“PEM is the best system I have ever clapped eyes on. I can’t praise it enough…Big priced winners are commonplace.”
Trevor G.

“£970 winnings from my day at the races using PEM with my laptop at Haydock. Nice and simple angle…”

“Had some great winners since so can’t complain! Great strategy for those who bet from home and who can’t be at the course.”
Gerry H.

“I am well in profit by just over £9,000 at £50 stakes by looking for the signal in every Handicap race with prize money over £10,000 at weekends only.”

 “After some practice my eyes are now drawn to the PEM signals like a magnet and I’ve found leaving it as late as possible to place my bets is more accurate.

 Took my daughters across the border to Marbella for some shopping from my winnings last month.”
Ashok – Gibraltar

If you’d like to join them, it couldn’t be easier.

Try my Price Equalisation Method
for 30 Days, Risk-Free

All you have to do is to click on the payment button below to access the immediate download link and begin your 30-day trial, protected by a moneyback guarantee.

You can test the method out first on paper or using a demo account, to make it 100% risk-free.

Three weeks is the optimum minimum period to establish what it can do for you, factoring in losses and wins.

So 30-days will give you a bit of extra latitude!

In the unlikely event you don’t make a clear profit in that time I’ll refund your fee IN FULL.

Give me any reason you like – I won’t quibble!

And this guarantee is fully backed by Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

“OK, so what will this cost me, Andrew?!

The Price Equalisation Method is a way that you can spot the hidden actions of the bookies before live horse races and take advantage in a quick easy bet on a betting exchange.

If you’re ultra-cautious you could make around £50 a week from stakes as little as £9. If you’re more daring you might want to go higher and bring in upwards of as £300-£500 a week… all tax free.

So I hope you agree £247 is a fair price to pay.

But for this special reopening of the doors, I don’t want you to pay that…

Get a 30% Discount for a Limited Time Only!

For a limited time only, I am going to offer The Price Equalisation Method for just £167. After that the official price will be £247.

Even if I say so myself, that’s great value for a profitable, tried and tested strategy that has proven itself over years.

And remember…

This discounted price is backed-up by my 100% rock-solid 30-days money-back promise.

That means you can take my Price Equalisation Method strategy and test it for a full 30-days and see what you think without any commitment.

See what it feels like to have a realistic five-figure part-time income drip feeding into your bank account.

In the unlikely event that the system fails to deliver an overall profit after a sound trial like that, let me know and you’ll get your money back.

All the risk is on me, which is as it should be!

But I think you’re going to love this strategy, and I cannot wait to share it with you.


Andrew David

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