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You know when the main English Leagues are beginning to take shape when managers start to get their P45 if they don’t win their first 6 matches 7-0 and are then considered a failure and sacked – on a nice pay off of course!

It’s the sign of the times and very similar to those joining a new service, if it fails to win a grand in the first week it’s confined to the recycle bin. Good job Man Utd never had the same approach in the first 4 years of Alex Ferguson’s reign.

However there is an angle for profit when a manager gets sacked and I have used it for many years now. In fact, a few years after Betfair came on the scene and the punter could then lay as well as back selections.

It all about new players wanting to impress their new gaffer. Take ‘Arry’ Redknapp’s recent sacking from Birmingham. As soon as the new gaffer is appointed you can be sure the squad are going to go hell for leather to try and impress their new boss in order to avoid a sharp exit.

It’s also gives players a lift to see a new face after an obvious lengthy spell of poor results. Therefore this combo of trying to keep their place in the squad and the fresh face is more than enough to give them a lift and as such you should be looking to back them to win on their first match for the new manager. Or, if they are playing a top 3 side then at least back them to NOT LOSE by laying the short priced top 3 side and usually for very little liability.

If however they are playing any team below the top 3 then I would take a chance on backing them to win. I’ve had some tasty wins doing this and very short losing runs to boot!

In fact even the caretaker manager can stop the rot and get positive results for the first few games.

Birmingham played Derby on Saturday and as they only had caretaker manager Lee Carsley in charge I decided to Lay Derby at ‘odds on’ pre match.

As you can see I won my bet and managed to just about trade out on the 66th minute for a nice profit. Even if I had let the bet run I would have won with the match ending in a draw.

Oh and by the way, have you noticed how many players who have left a club and then play their old club for the first time manage to pop one in against their old team mates? There may be an angle in there somewhere.

There are scores of these opportunities where you can get both good prices and a high strike rate and plenty of action weekly when you put all these little angles into a mini portfolio. I will touch on more of these in the future.

Testing Pod Update:

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – No losing days….

Well the second week is over and pleased to report we’ve not had one losing day so far and you can’t get better than that!

Now 6 points in profit with 6 winning days, 5 break even days and 2 no bet days.

Check in daily to see the selections from this link below: