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I’m a great fan of quick to implement trading strategies with the mission of making a quick buck and then moving on to make another quick buck by using the rinse and repeat procedure.

It’s an approach favoured by many as it allows them to bet and trade around their daily work or homelife commitments.

One method was brought to my attention some time ago by a Betting Doctor reader who was willing to share his thoughts. It was born from the steamers section on the At The Races website here;

He would simply Lay those steamers priced at 2.50 (6/4) or below, with the theory they are ‘overbet’ and now offer bad value once their early price has well and truly gone.

Here’s what I took from his angle and how to implement it below…

Thinking it through to its logical conclusion it does make sense. These steamed horses that are backed heavily early on when they were supposed ‘value’ would in theory be now ‘bad value’ once the price has crashed. The trick is to Lay as close to its recorded steamed price as possible.

This game would be very easy to profit from if the steamed price still offered value as we’d simply need to back them and collect for a long term profit. – If only!

However we all know it’s not that simple, so maybe the only way to get the edge using a simple price based approach would be to Lay close to the crashed price and also make sure we can profit after paying the exchange commission on all winning bets.

It may be worth a trial of your own for a few months as there will be no shortage of liquidity at this end of the market due to laying at prices of 2.0 – 2.5 which are normally the favourites.

Do let me know how you get on!