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Just a quick update this week on the theory behind what we are aiming for with our Testing Pod trials systems you can see here.  

The vision long term is to produce roughly 3 systems that ‘individually’ produce a modest and sustainable profit in a fairly low risk way and also by using a small betting bank. 

Once this is achieved, you would then simply bundle them together in a mini portfolio and operate daily. 

For example; If we aim for 6pts from each system and stop when it is achieved for the month, it may not sound like a lot individually but when grouped with another two that can also make 6pts each, combined we are looking at over 18pts per month, or 216pts annually. A fairly handsome points total don’t you think? 

You then have a very solid performing portfolio that will deliver some tasty profit to level stakes. For example: 

£10 stakes Approx £2,016 p.a

£20 Stakes Approx £4,032 p.a

£50 Stakes Approx £10,080 p.a

£100 Stakes Approx £20,160 p.a 

The above profits can be exploded with a simple monthly compounded plan. 

It’s clear from feedback that many are now ‘getting’ this concept and have a ‘True’ long term vision of betting as an investment plan, rather then looking obsessively to see how much they can make and ‘take out’ on a weekly and/or monthly basis. 

The idea with a low risk portfolio with this type of approach is to have them working away in the background and then maybe take out some profit annually and continue to compound. 

I always make the analogy to shares where you would invest for the long term, unless of course you are privy to some inside info and look to make a quick profit. In reality though, you would not look at your shares monthly to see how much you can make and take out and spend would you? 

If we can get the right balance then you can expect far bigger growth than shares due to turning over several bets daily. 

If you’re looking for services where you want to take out profits in a shorter time frame then the testing pod strategies may not be your cup of tea.  Each to their own as the saying goes. 

So above you have the main aim of the testing pod for each of the trials showcased. 

On that note lets get onto the weekly updates for those currently on the Testing Pod.

Testing Pod Update: 
Both Teams To Score (BTTS)… 

A very slight loss for Month 3 and 4 but still well in profit. No better time to start following as we are due a good winning month…

Follow here

Race for the Place…

Still ticking along nicely and yet to get going this month so again maybe a good time to take a look here: