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The main footie season is now underway and I’m very encouraged yet again to see many of my Quick-fire members following my unique angles to betting.

One of which is ‘Profit Thrashing’. If a team gets an ‘out of character’ thrashing one week then we look to back them at a good price the next week as they are keen to restore their professional pride.

Here’s a recent example from the lower Scottish leagues proving they can pop up anywhere.

Albion got hammered and so let’s look at their next result below as they look to bounce back quickly the following week.

Yes they restored their professional price and more by winning 5-2!

It’s a great little strategy and we can get some decent odds and healthy win strike rate. Therefore good prices + good strike rate = healthy long term profits.

There are a few more crucial filters to look out for with this method that all my Quick-fire members will be well aware of. I make no apologies for this shameless plug as Quick-fire Betting profits is helping many of my readers with their betting by taking some unique approaches, and that’s what it’s all about – keeping ahead of the crowds.

Testing Pod Update Trials….

Against The Double (ATD) Horse Racing Lay Strategy…

Sadly and with a heavy heart Les has decided to call time on the ATD trial. The decision was made due to the withdrawal of the free online source that provided Les with the information needed for one of his important selection filters to arrive at his daily selections.

Although ATD has ended in profit from the trial as a whole, it’s the sudden downturn that has brought about his decision and that can only be linked to this missing filter that has corresponded to the downturn in results over recent weeks. Les has tried to replace this filter with another source but it’s clearly not working. In the short term Les will seek to see if the information can be replaced to mirror earlier successful results and I will let you know of any future developments as and when they become available.

See how the trial ended up here:

ATD (Horse Racing Lays):

BTTS (Football):

This one has also suffered but I have a sneaky feeling this could deliver long term as it doesn’t lose the earth when it has a complete blank day and wins a full one point when successful. So the filters used may have the balance right from what I’ve seen.

Check in here daily;