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Neutral ReviewA disappointing trial it has to be said despite a nice rally towards the end of the 10 week review.

The trial ended with a Loss of £576 to the advised value of £100 level stakes.

I had high hopes for this trial but it suffered from some severe bad luck that left John who runs the service lost for words at times, and I did feel for him at times considering the way some results went.

I’ve always considered there is value in backing in the low odds range, but as ever it all hinges on the selections chosen, and on whether we can get 1.45 about a selection that should really be 1.35 for example. Put simply, getting value.

As a result of the severe downturn that seen the bank go from £2,429 on 13th July to £1,139 on 3rd Sept John decided to crunch some numbers to analyse his choice of sports that may be letting him down. As a result he concluded that he will not be recommending any tennis selections for Banker Bets as of 4th September. Here’s his email to members below with reasoning;

“I’ve been crunching the numbers and unfortunately our tennis results just haven’t been good enough, with only a tiny profit of 4.4% of starting bank from almost 300 bets over the past 2 years.
While it hasn’t cost us anything over the long-term it has made a significant impact to our bottom line with a substantial loss in 2016, and after only managing to break even on tennis over 2 full years It’s become clear that it’s just too difficult for me to maintain the edge necessary to provide consistent profit backing short-priced tennis favourites.
Football will always be the heart of this service, and despite a run of odd results towards the end of August it’s been very consistent for us with an 81.7% winning strike rate and 214% profit on starting bank from 783 bets over the past 2 years, including 86.3% profit so far in 2016”. – John (Banker Bets)

Whilst I’m not a fan of this chopping and changing of selections to see how results would work out better, I feel on this occasion he may have a point. Also it does no harm for vendors to continually look to improve service for its paying members, especially when they do so while the service is still in profit rather than waiting for when they are in a loss.

Here are the final figures;
Trial Period: 10 weeks
Bets = 130
Wins = 96
Longest Winning Run = 17
Longest Losing Run = 2
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 73.84%

Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£576 (-5.76 points)

Service Author: John

Bet Type:
All back to win bets with prices ranging from the 1.20 – 1.40 area.

£6.75 first month, then £27 Monthly thereafter.
Other options; £54 Quarterly, £155 Yearly.
30 refund period if not happy. 

Customer Service:
All emails were answered without any problems.

Delivery of Service:
Very good with days bets and spreadsheet attachment of the results to date included so very transparent.
All advised bets come with brief analysis on the reasoning behind the selections chosen. 

Conclusion & Trial Verdict:
Its’ clear the 10 week trial was a disappointment with some severe bad luck that could have seen it ‘push on’ and add to its year profit high if the previous results could have been replicated in the trial, or at the very least protect previous gains made.

This is always the danger with services aimed at the ‘odds on’ end of the price range. It relies on very accurate match selection and consistent unbroken lengthy winning runs.

Its clear John of Banker Bets has the ability to ‘Bounceback’ after severe downturns which is credit to him in fairness after a few good winning runs towards the end. However they weren’t enough to turn a profit in the trial due to the bank reaching a very worrying low mid trial. 

The Verdict:
Obviously I cant’ pass a service that finished in a loss and experienced a drawdown that would test the resilience of most of us with its ‘one step forward’ and ‘two steps back’ pattern of results. In saying the above, I would like to revisit this by years end, if only to see if it can fully recover and move on from its year high. If it does then it will be great testament to the resilience of the service that may be of interest to the bigger staking punter from a pure investment point of view.

If on the other hand we see more of the same over the next 10 weeks then it would have to be a fail. For a now though, it will be placed in the NEUTRAL category with a planned revisit.

Trial Verdict: Neutral (With Re-Visit)

You can read more about this service by clicking here.
(Scroll down for service background and review results)

Background: The service is run by sports betting specialist John Baker

Price: £27.00 per month

About the service: This service is centred around ‘Backing to Win’ low odds selections mainly on Football, Tennis and American Football all year round.

Average prices recorded are in the 1.25 mark with a claimed strike rate of 81% since inception in August 2014. Winning runs of 10-15 are common place with a few runs of 20 winners. Given the high strike rate and average price of 1.25 this is perfectly believable.

Betting at level stakes would have shown an impressive 11% growth rate per month, which if continuing could be an ideal service for some serious compounding me thinks.

Selections are sent to members daily via email with reasoning behind why the bets has been chosen. Most are win singles with the occasional win double.

Initial Thoughts…

First impressions are very good. Emails about the service answered promptly and in full. Also the fact that updated results are sent to members every day is another positive marker.
I will start the trial using a figure of £100 wins as outlined on the results spreadsheet.

All subscriptions are backed up by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if for whatever reason you do not like the service, so another plus for the service.

If you want to try it today then have nothing to lose by giving it a try and get a 75% discount off the first month subscription. Even then get a full refund if its not for you.

You can sign up here and get discount here;

I will be back with the first weeks results next week.

You can read more about this service by clicking here.

(P/L to £100 Unit Stakes)

Monday 18th – (Start)
No Bets

Tuesday 19th
No bets

Wednesday 20th
FC Astana v Zalgiris Vilnius –   FC Astana win@1.30      Won   +30.00
Isner v Duckworth –     Isner@1.19      Won  +19.00

Days Profit/Loss = +49.00

Thursday 21st
Osmanlispor v Zimbru Chrisinau  – Osmanlispor Win@1.26   – Won +£26.00
Hearts v Birkirkara – Hearts Win@1.35 – Lost -£100
Harrison v Johnson – Johnson Win@1.31 – Won +£31.00

Days Profit/Loss = -£43.00

Friday 22nd
No Bets

Saturday 23rd
Norrkoping v Gefle – Norrkoping win@1.34 – Won +£34.00
Malmo v Kalmar – Malmo win@1.36 – Lost -£100
Corinthians v Figueirense – Corinthians win@1.35 – Lost -£100 

Days Profit/Loss = -£166.00

Sunday 24th
HJK Helsinki v PK-35 – HJK Helsinki win@1.38 –  Won +£38.00
Sirius v Assyriska – Sirius win@1.38 – Won +£38.00
Halmstads v Angelholm – Halmstads win@1.35 – Won +£35.00 

Days Profit/Loss = +£111.00

Monday 25th
Sela v Isner, Sock v Kudla – Isner, Sock win double@1.33  Won +£33.00 

Days Profit/Loss = +£33.00 

Week 1 Results Summary
A quite start to the trial for Banker Bets with a slight loss of £16 from our £100 stakes which equates to 0.16pts so clearly no harm done.

Bets = 12
Wins = 9
Losses = 3
Strike Rate =  75%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£16.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£16.00

Week 2 – Results Summary 

A difficult 2nd week for the service but nothing that can’t be turned around if you look at their past results spreadsheet.
(Profit/Loss summary below results)

Tuesday 26th
Dinamo Zagreb v Dinamo Tblisi   – Dinamo Win @1.31 – Won +£31.00
Shakhtar Donetsk v Young Boys  – Shakhtar Donetsk Win@1.41  – Won +£41.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£72.00

Wednesday 27th
Isner v Harrison, Raonic v Lu – Isner, Raonic win double@1.32 – Lost -£100
Olympiakos v Hapoel Beer-Sheva – Olympiakos win@1.28 – Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = -£200.00

Thursday 28th
Genk v Cork City – Genk win @1.24 – Won +£24.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£24.00

Friday 29th
Dinamo Zagreb v Slaven Belupo – Dinamo Zagreb win @1.23 – Lost -£100
Limerick v Shelbourne – Limerick win @1.2 – Won £20
Drogheda v Cabinteely – Drogheda win @1.19 – Won £19
UCD v Athlone Town – UCD win @1.22 – Won £22

Days Profit/Loss = -£39.00

Saturday 30th
FC Copenhagen v Nordsjaelland – FC Copenhagen win@1.31 – Won £31
Angelhomls v Sirius – Sirius win – @1.28 – Won £28 

Days Profit/Loss = +£59.00 

Sunday 31st
Slavi Sofia v Montana – Slavi Sofia Win@1.22 – Lost -£100 

Days Profit/Loss = -£100

Monday 01st August
No Bets

Week 2 Results Summary
Bets = 12
Wins = 8
Losses = 4
Strike Rate =  66.66%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£184.00

Week 3 – Results Review
Another difficult week for the service and I am beginning to see how this service makes its money and that is via its numerous long winning runs interspersed by the odd loser then another good winning run. We could do with one of them now to get us back on track, so lets see what next week brings.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections). 

Tuesday 02nd
No Bets

Wednesday 03rd
FC Copenhagen v Astra    FC Copenhagen win@      1.33 – Won +£33.00
Sport Recife v America Mineiro     Sport Recife win@  1.45 – Loss -£100

Days Profit/Loss = -£67.00

Thursday 04th
Midtjylland v Videoton – Midtjylland win@1.37 – Loss -£100
Rapid Vienna v Torpedo Zhodino – Rapid Vienna win@ 1.21 – Won +£21

Days Profit/Loss = -£79.00

Friday 05th
No bets

Saturday 06th
Kawasaki v Ventforet  Kofu – Kawasaki win@1.32 – Won +£32
Red Bull Salzburg v St Polten – Red Bull Salzburg win@1.29 – Won +£29
Steaua Bucharest v Concordia – Steaua Bucharest win@1.27 – Won +£27 

Days Profit/Loss = +£88.00

Sunday 07th
Viktoria Plzen v Bohemians – Viktoria Plzen win@1.19 – Loss – £100
Hajduk Split v NK Istra -Hajduk Split win@1.26 – Won +£26 

Days Profit/Loss = -£74.00 

Week 3 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 9
Wins = 6
Losses = 3

Weekly Strike Rate =  66.66%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 69.69%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£132.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£332 (3.32 points)

Week 4 – Results Review
A slight loss again this week. Let hope for much better soon.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Monday 08th August
No Bets

Tuesday 09th
No Bets 

Wednesday 10th
No Bets

Thursday 11th
Olympic Tennis        Taro v del Potro, Nishikori v Martin del Potro, Nishikori win double @1.2 – Won +£20.00
Olympic Tennis        Goffin v Bellucci      Goffin win@1.21 – Lost -£100 

Days Profit/Loss = -£80.00

Friday 12th
Goteborg v Falkenbergs -Goteborg win   @1.22 – Won +£22
Bastia v PSG – PSG win@1.34 – Won +£34

Days Profit/Loss = +56.00

Saturday 13th
Limerick v Cabinteely, Ventspils v BGC  Limerick, Ventspils win double@1.24 – Won +£24.00
Liepaja v Metta-Lu   Liepaja win@1.28 –  Lost -£100
Rijeka v Lokomotiva Zagreb win@1.32   Won +£32

Days Profit/Loss = -£44.00

Sunday 14th
Club Brugge v Lokeren – Club Brugge win@1.32 – Won +£32.00
Rosenborg v Sogndal – Rosenborg win@1.29 – Won +£29.00
Stromgodset v Start – Stromgodset win@1.27 – Lost  -£100.00 

Days Profit/Loss = -£39.00

Monday 15th
Meistrilliaga   Nomme Kalju v Trans Narva -Nomme Kalju win@1.21 – Won +£21
Shamrock Rovers v Finn Harps -Shamrock Rovers win@1.42 – Won +£42.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£63.00

Week 4 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 12
Wins = 9
Losses = 3
Weekly Strike Rate =  75%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 71.11%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£44.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£376 (3.76 points)

Week 5 – Results Review
Another loss for the service in week 5 and certainly been dogged by bad luck of late. However with average winning prices of 1.30 its going to take at least 25 winners to break even. Although not all in one ago of course as the services has had winning runs of 10-15 on previously so a few of these interspersed by a few losers would do the job overtime but we really need them in the next few weeks if this trial is to be a positive one.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 16th
No Bets

Wednesday 17th
Karlovic v Monaco-Karlovic win@1.35 – Lost -£100
Suduva v Jonava – Suduva win@1.26 – Lost -£100
Gyirmot v Ferencvaros – Ferencvaros win@1.29 – Won + £29.00

Days Profit/Loss = -£171.00

Thursday 18th
No Bets

Friday 19th
Infonet v Paide LM  Infonet win@1.23 – Won +£23.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£23

Saturday 20th
Kairat Almaty v Aktobe – Kairat Almaty win@1.19 – Won +£19
Tottenham v Crystal Palace – Tottenham win@1.43 – Won +£43
Nomme Kalju v Tammeka Tartu – Nomme Kalju win@1.2 – Won +£20
Basel v Lugano –  Basel win@1.2  – Won +£20
Vasco da Gama v Sampiao Correa –  Vasco da Gama win@1.35 – Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = +£2.00

Sunday 21st
Ferencvaros v Mezokovedsi – Ferencvaros win@1.22 – Lost -£100.00
Gent v Westerlo –  Gent win@1.25 – Won +£25
PSG v Metz, Benfica v Setubal – PSG, Benfica win double@1.33 – Lost -£100
Atletico Madrid v Alaves – Atletico Madrid win@1.22 – Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = -£275.00

Monday 22nd
Malmo v Jonkopings – Malmo win@1.33 – Won +£33

Days Profit/Loss = +£33.00

Week 5 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 14
Wins = 7
Losses = 7
Weekly Strike Rate =  50%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 66.10%

Weekly Profit/Loss = -£388.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£764 (7.64 points)

Week 6 – Results Review
Another loss this week, and its disheartening that even when you get 3 out of 4 winners on some days you still end up losing for the day. Let see what happens as the service has built up some nice profits since inception of the service before its suffered this drawdown.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 23rd
No Bets 

Wednesday 24th
No Bets

Thursday 25th
No Bets

Friday 26th
Bayern Munich v Bremen, Cork City v Longford Town – Bayern Munich, Cork City Win double @1.28 – Won +£28.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£28.00 

Saturday 27th
Dynamo Kiev v Vorskla Poltava – Dynamo win@1.24 – Lost -£100
Feyenoord v Excelsior – Feyenoord win@1.19 – Won +£19.00
Real Madrid v Celta Vigo – Real Madrid win@1.2 – Won +£20.00

Days Profit/Loss = -£61.00

Sunday 28th
PSV v Groningen, Jelgava v BGC –  PSV, Jelgava win double@1.3 – Lost -£100
Thun v Basel – Basel win@1.45 – Won +£45.00
Ventspils v Metta/Lu – Ventspils win@1.21 – Won +£21.00
Santos v Figueirense – Santos win@1.34 – Lost -£100.00
Rosenborg v Tromso – Rosenborg win@1.24 – Won +£24.00
BATE Borisov v Belshina – Bate Borisov win@1.2 – Won +£20.00 

Days Profit/Loss = -£90.00

Monday 29th
US Open – Edmund v Gasquet – Gasquet win@1.23 – Lost -£100.00
US Open – Monfils v Muller – Monfils win@1.24 – Won +£24
US Open – Isner, Nadal win double@1.19 – Won +£19.00
US Open – Sela v Cuevas Cuevas win@1.25 – Won +£25.00

Days Profit/Loss = – £68.00

Week 6 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 14
Wins = 10
Losses = 4

Weekly Strike Rate =  71.42%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 67.12%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£191.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£955.00 (9.55points)

Week 7 – Results Review
Another loss this week and not looking good for the service and only around £250 above the starting bank of £1,000 on January 2nd. Lets see can the service get some good winning runs together. It really does need to have more 100% winning days as one loser on the day is enough to drive into a loss.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 30th
US Open – Goffin v Donaldson, del Potro v Schwartzman – Goffin, del Potro Win double@1.25 – Lost -£100
US Open – Thiem v Millman – Thiem win@1.24 – Won +£24
US Open – Kyrgios v Bedene, Johnson v Donskoy – Kyrgios, Johnson Win double@1.23 – Won +£23

Days Profit/Loss = – £53.00 

Wednesday 31st

No Bets

Thursday 01st Sept
US Open – Simon v Lorenzi – Simon win@1.25 – Lost -£100
US Open – Johnson v del Potro – Del Potro win@1.34 – Won +£34.00

Days Profit/Loss = -£66.00 

Friday 02nd
Cabinteely v UC Dublin – UC Dublin win@1.3 – Won +£30.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£30.00 

Saturday 03rd
US Open – Wawrinka v Evans, Kygrios v Marchenko – Wawrinka, Kyrgios – Win Double@1.23 – Lost -£100
Northern Illinois @ Wyoming – Northern Illinois win – Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = -£200

Sunday 04th
Norway v Germany – Germany win@1.47 – Won +£47.00 

Days Profit/Loss = +£47.00

Monday 05th
Wales v Moldova – Wales win@1.25 – Won +£25.00
Thailand v Japan – Japan win@1.25 – Won +£25.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£50.00

Week 7 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 11
Wins = 7
Losses = 4
Weekly Strike Rate =  63.63%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 66.66%
Weekly Profit/Loss = -£192.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£1,147.00 (-11.47points)

Week 8 – Results Review
A better week last week, but even with 6 out of 6 correct on Saturday the service still only managed to skim a £68 profit. Proving there is very little room for error with this type of approach as they really do need to keep up the gallop with plenty of winning runs and few losing bets. Lets see can they pull some losses back over the next 2 weeks.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 06th
Andorra v Latvia – Latvia win@1.34 – Won +£34.00
Bosnia v Estonia – Bosnia win@1.25 – Won +25.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£59.00 

Wednesday 07th

No Bets

Thursday 08th
Utenis v Atlantas – Atlantas win@1.32 – Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = – £100 

Friday 09th
Qarabag v AZAL PFK -Qarabag win@1.27 – Won +£27.00
Schalke v Bayern Munich -Bayern Munich win@1.3 – Won +£30.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£57.00 

Saturday 10th
Kawasaki v Avispa Fukuoka – Kawasaki win@1.32 – Won +£32.00
Juventus v Sassuolo – Juventus win@1.33 – Won +£33.00
Sporting v Moreirense – Sporting win@1.27 – Won +£27.00
Basel v Grasshoppers – Basel win@1.41 – Won +£41.00
Porto v Guimaraes – Won +£36.00
ODU @ Appalachian State, Iowa State @ Iowa Appalachian State, Iowa win double – Won +£24.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£193.00

Sunday 11th
Norrkoping v Jonkoping – Norrkoping win@1.4 – Won +£40.00
NFL Football Miami @ Seattle – Seattle win@1.19 – Won +£19.00
NFL Football New England @ Arizona – Arizona win@1.32 – Lost -£100 

Days Profit/Loss = -£41.00

Monday 12th
HJK Helsinki v Lahti – HJK Helsinki win@1.42 –  Lost -£100

Days Profit/Loss = -£100

Week 8 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 15
Wins = 12
Losses = 3

Weekly Strike Rate =  80.00%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 68.68%
Weekly Profit/Loss = +£68.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss-£1,079.00 (-10.79 points)

Week 9 – Results Review
A marked improvement for the service at the end of Week 9 with 13 out of the 14 bets winning and a gain of close to 3 points.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 13th

No Bets 

Wednesday 14th
Man City v Munchengladbach – Man City win@1.39 – Won +£39
Legia Warsaw v Dortmund Dortmund win@1.34 – Won +£34
Real Madrid v Sporting Lisbon – Real Madrid win@1.21 – Won +£21

Days Profit/Loss = +£94.00

Thursday 15th

No Bets

Friday 16th

No Bets

Saturday 17th
Leganes v Barcelona, Bayern Munich v Ingostadt – Barcelona, Bayern Munich win double@1.27 – Won +£27
Hibernian v Ayr United – Hibernian win@1.23 – Lost -£100
Atletico Madrid v Sporting Gijon – Atletico Madrid win@1.22 – Won +£22
Manchester City v Bournemouth – Manchester City win@1.28 – Won +£28
BATE Borisov v Neman Grodno   Bate Borisov win@1.22 – Won +£22

Days Profit/Loss = £1.00 

Sunday 18th
AIK v Gefle – AIK win@1.25 – Won +£25
Tottenham v Sunderland – Tottenham win@1.32 – Won +£32
Rapid Wien v Mattersburg  Rapid Wien win1.26 – Won +£26
Vojvodina v Borac    Vojvodina win@1.32 – Won +£32
Baltimore @ Cleveland – Baltimore win@1.39 – Won +£39
Miami @ New England – New England win@1.35 – Won +35 

Days Profit/Loss = +£189.00

Monday 19th

No bets 

Week 9 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 14
Wins = 13
Losses = 1
Weekly Strike Rate =  92.85%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 71.68%
Weekly Profit/Loss = +£282.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss = -£797 (-7.97 points)

Week 10 – Results Review
Another good week for the service as we finish the trial. I will be back with my conclusion next week.
(Results summary at the end of this weeks selections).

Tuesday 20th
No Bets 

Wednesday 21st
Juventus v Cagliari, Roma v Crotone – Juventus, Roma win double@1.35 – Won +£35.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£35.00

Thursday 22nd
No Bets

Friday 23rd
Dortmund v Freiburg – Dortmund win@1.22 – Won +£22.00
Porto v Boavista – Porto win@1.2 – Won+£20.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£42.00

Saturday 24th
Hamburg v Bayern Munich – Bayern Munich win@1.21 – Won +£21.00
Swansea v Manchester City – Manchester City win@1.35 – Won +£35.00
Hajduk Split v Cibalia – Hajduk Split win@1.27- Won +£27.00
Ajax v PEC Zwolle – Ajax win@1.24 – Won +£24.00
Gent v St Truiden – Gent win@1.32 – Won +£32.00
AZ Alkmaar v Go Ahead Eagles – AZ Alkmaar win@1.27- Lost -£100
Penn St @ Michigan, Tulsa @ Fresno St – Michigan, Tulsa Win double@1.28 – Won +£28.00

Days Profit/Loss = +£67.00

Sunday 25th
Malmo v Helsingborg – Malmo win@1.3  £100.00 – Won +£30.00
Villarreal v Osasuna – Villarreal win@1.39 – Won +£39.00
Rijeka v RNK Split – Rijeka win@1.19 – Won +£19.00
Anderlecht v Westerlo – Anderlecht win@1.2 – Lost -£100
Detroit @ Green Bay – Green Bay win@1.32 – Won £32.00
Cleveland @ Miami Miami win@1.23 – Won +£23.00
NFL – Chicago @ Dallas – Dallas win@1.34 – Won +£34.00 

Days Profit/Loss = +£77.00

Monday 26th
No bets 

Week 10 – Results P/L Summary
Bets = 17
Wins = 15
Losses = 2

Weekly Strike Rate =  88.23%
Overall Trial Strike Rate = 73.84%
Weekly Profit/Loss = +£221.00
Overall Trial Profit/Loss-£576 (-5.76 points)

You can read more about this service by clicking here.