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Neutral ReviewA poor end to the 10 week trial for a service I had high hopes for, and indeed still do.

Why? Well the service has made £5,372 since inception and that’s not to be sniffed at from Football Betting. I have every reason to believe these figures simply because every bet during the trial whether good or bad has been recorded on a spreadsheet that’s hosted on the Football Advisor site.

The results for our review however have ended in a -31.27 points loss.

Here are the figures for the 9 week trial;

Selections: 284
Wins: 95
Strike rate: 33.45%

Service Author: Jon Roberts

Bet Type:

Most our ‘Back to Win’ bets that range from 0.50 – 3 points. You do get the occasional Lay bet and Jon also advises Accumulators on certain days.

Customer Service:

All emails were answered within 24-36 hours so no problems there.

Delivery of Service:

Delivery of the service is very good with an email notification arriving on days there are selections at around 11.00am. You then log in to receive the bets in the members area.


The loss is obviously disappointing and the absence of a nice price accumulator landing hasn’t helped as they came close on more than one occasion.
Now these accumulators are normally made up of short priced selections that when grouped can give some decent odds overall. Looking back at their results since inception that you can do here they have landed many good priced accumulators and no doubt with a few of these coming in over the 9 week trial matters could have looked very different.
Having said the above the facts are we have witnessed first hand a -31.27 points loss in the 9 weeks of this trial.

Trial Verdict:

I can’t really fail a service that has made £5,327 to £10 per point stakes since inception on 1st June 2014. Therefore I will place Football Advisor in the ‘NEUTRAL’ category for now and keep a watchful on its progress.

Ironically now is maybe a good time to take up the 7 day free trial as its certainly due an upturn anytime soon and the next 7 days wont cost you a penny.

You can take up the 7 day free trial here