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Before I move on to this week’s trial updates, I want to first give you the heads up on a very exciting development exclusively for Betting Doctor readers.

This Thursday (December 8th), I’ll be starting a ‘live’ test of an approach you can view daily in my new Betting Doctor Testing Pod. More details and background can be found here!

Here we’re going to see if it is possible to turn £500 into £28,345.67 in just 12 months!

This is based on aiming to win a very conservative ‘8’ points per month and reinvesting gains month by month.

These selections will be free until further notice and be posted by 11am each morning. So don’t miss out to see how it goes!

Trial updates – week 8

One of our services hit a second 20/1 winner last week! But did it turn the trial around?

Sadly, the other service under review is still suffering and now firmly in the red as we approach the week 9 of the trials.

Find out how the trials are doing by clicking here: Week 8 of our twin trial of Low Hanging Profits and Fantastic Eights.